Looking for ways to improve your creativity?  Are you a "Lifelong Learner"?  If so, this site is for you!  Who am I? 

A quick look at our schools, our communities and our world reveals a giant and widening gap between the way humans actually think and behave and the way we educate our youth.  Still clutching a framework constructed during the Industrial Revolution, we strain to understand why kids are alienated, workers disenfranchised, and communities crumbling.  While no simple answers exist for that problem, every person can maintain an attitude and set of habits to engage the brain more creatively and produce more interesting, innovative and helpful solutions for our world. 

And I'm an optimist!  I don't dwell on those problems every day, but maybe they help you understand why I am motivated to create environments and experiences that stimulate thinking, learning and the massive creative potential in all of us. 

There are solutions!  Look for and participate in the discussions, links and resources you find here, and let me know your thoughts.  Chances are you are not looking at this site in a "group".  It's just you and me.  Engage.